Quality Control

Quality Control

NSD puts quality in the first place and establishes the quality inspection department. There are different professional quality control engineers in charge of the material quality, manufacturing process quality and machine final quality before delivery. The engineers who control the material quality is highly strict with the checking steps for the material delivered from the supplier. The material which can't reach the checking standard is refused to enter the warehouse. During ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturing, the quality control engineers strictly monitor each production process. If any process can't reach the international standard, the machine will not pass to other processes before the previous process is successfully improved. NSD attaches great importance to the details and ensures each machine structure is safe and convenient for use. After the machine finished, the quality control engineers will completely inspect the machine, such as the machine function, machine structure, machine outlook, and machine components, etc. The engineers will make a specific quality checking report in which clearly writes the checking results of each item. The quality report will pass to each department. The report needs to be signed by the manager of each department. The machine can't be delivered out if any department manager didn't sign or some machine problems occur during the inspection.

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