Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank for Big Metal Parts Degreasing

Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank for Big Metal Parts Degreasing
Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank for Big Metal Parts Degreasing
Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank for Big Metal Parts Degreasing

Product Details:

  • Brand:NSD
  • Serial Number: NSD-10168S
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 piece
  • Average Delivery Time:to be negotiable
  • Payment Method:TT
  • Package Details:1 Piece/1 Plywood Case; Package Size: 2400L*1300W*1200Hmm
  • Ability to Supply:500 pieces
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Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank for Metal Parts Degreasing

NSD-10168S is one model in metal parts ultrasonic cleaner series. This ultrasonic cleaner tank is mainly used for various metal parts degreasing. Ultrasound cleaning has a high cleaning effects for removing the grease from metal parts and auto parts.  The capacity of NSD-10168S is 672L, which is able to be filled with the big parts and finish cleaning. 


1. With an oil removal device installed in the auxiliary tank and the floating grease will be collected into it. Besides, the oil removal device is directly connected to drain pipe and grease are completely removed, to avoid grease reflow into main tank. 

ultrasonic cleaner tank

2. The total ultrasonic power of this ultrasonic cleaner tank is 8.4KW. Each 2.1KW ultrasonic is controlled by one generator. Total quantities of generators for the machine is 4 pieces. The ultrasonic power can be adjustable by the generator.

ultrasonic cleaner tank

3. This model can be taken as ultrasonic engine cleaner and ultrasonic tool cleaner. As it is with powerful ultrasonic strength which can fast clean the engine and tools. 

4. With circulation filtration device to enble the liquid can be reused many times. Adopt high quality imported brand pumps, ensure big circulation flow. The circulation filtration device is installed with the valve to adjust the circulation flow according to the cleaning request.

5. The machine is all controlled by buttons, which is much easier and more convenient for the operator. The whole structure of this machine is not complex, which is more simple for the operator to use the machine and do maintenance in future.

6. There is a row of overflow holes on the right side wall of the internal tank. The liquid will form an laminal flow and push the floating grease and dirts on the surface to the auxiliary tank, then clean liquid will be recycled back to the main tank through the filtration system.

ultrasonic cleaner tank

8. Adding the reinforced rib arrounding outside the tank to make the machine strong enough to support heavy weight, ensure the machine is stable and avoid machine damage after working for a longtime.


No. Part Name Brand
1 Temperature Controller Omron
2 AC Contactor Schneider
3 Thermal Relay Schneider
4 Filter Pump CNP


Model NSD-10168S
Capacity (L) 672
Basket Size (L*W*Hmm) 1140*750*710
Internal Size (L*W*Hmm) 1200*800*700
External Size (L*W*Hmm) 2120*1100*1075
Load Weight (Kgs) 100
Ultrasonic Power (KW) 8.4
Ultrasonic Frequency (KHz) 28
Heating (KW) 32
Internal Tank Material SUS304
Function Ultrasonic/Heating/Oil Removal/Circulation Filtration/Buttons Control

Overall introduction

This ultrasonic cleaner tank is integrated in many functions, such as ultrasonic, heating, circulation filtration and oil removal. As this machine is without the agitator and lift, which can save a lot of material cost, so this kind of machine is highly cost effective. Some customer who have already owned the crane for loading and unloading the heavy items prefer this kind of machine for good cleaning effects and cheap price.

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