Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner Small Capacity for Injector Cleaning

Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner Small Capacity for Injector Cleaning
Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner Small Capacity for Injector Cleaning
Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner Small Capacity for Injector Cleaning

Product Details:

  • Brand:NSD
  • Serial Number: NSD-1006A
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 piece
  • Average Delivery Time:to be negotiable
  • Payment Method:TT
  • Package Details:1 Piece/1 CTN;
  • Ability to Supply:500 pieces
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Desktop Ultrasonic Cleaner Small Capacity for Injector Cleaning

NSD-1006A is a typical model of the desktop ultrasonic cleaner. It is also a diy ultrasonic cleaner model before, and with the grown order amount of this machine, we keep it as NSD standard machine. NSD-1006A is the biggest capacity for the small ultrasonic cleaner model. This desktop ultrasonic cleaner is widely used in some laboratories and workshops. And this kind of small ultrasonic cleaner is very suitable for batch production.

desktop ultrasonic cleaner NSD-1006A


1. Tank material uses the NSD standard SUS304 2.0mm. The tank chooses inside and outside welded which can perfectly get rid of leakage of the liquid.

2. Because of the erosion of cleaning liquid, the machine chooses the SUS handle which is more durable. And also keeps a good appearance of the machine.

3. With louvers on the two sides of the machine cover. The fan is working inside, it will make a circulation of the inside air which can keep a good working condition for those electric parts.

4. With an integrated ultrasonic board inside the machine and under the inner tank. This integrated ultrasonic board is very small and effective, it matches with the transducers and provides a strong ultrasonic cleaning strength. 

5. The control panel is on the front of the machine. It has a digital display and some inside buttons, very easy to control.

6. With a handle on the lid, and there has support for the lid. It will not need extra space for the lid.

7. With the soft foot on the bottom of the machine, it can put on the desk without damage to the desk.

8. With drain on the side of the machine. 

Cleaning Results

This desktop ultrasonic cleaner has a high efficient cleaning effect for the injector. And this is a popular choice for may injector cleaning customers.

ultrasonic dirty injector cleaningultrasonic injector cleaning

Overall Introduction

As we know that Japanese customers are very strict with machine quality and design. They always order a batch of machines and require it should be the same. To satisfy their needs, NSD has developed a professional production process and experienced engineers team to manufacture the machines in quantities, keeping all the machine are absolutely the same. Besides, all the parts in the machine are designed as standard modules and strictly follow international standards, which are very easy to replace for maintenance.

Even for this small desktop ultrasonic cleaner, we have updated this machine several times because of the strict requirements. And now the ultrasonic cleaner NSD-1006A is totally a Japenese standard machine no matter the appearance or the safety factors. Some of the electric parts are purchased and shipped from Japan. And this machine is always batch production and batch test in NSD factory Every time when the machine is finished, the customer will come to NSD factory to check and accept the machine. We have worked together for about 4 years. This machine is mainly used to clean the injector in Japan.

ultrasonic cleaner batch testing

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