Ultrasonic Cleaner Packed Ultrasonic Cleaning Board

Ultrasonic Cleaner Packed Ultrasonic Cleaning Board
Ultrasonic Cleaner Packed Ultrasonic Cleaning Board

Product Details:

  • Brand:NSD
  • Serial Number: NSD-01P
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 piece
  • Average Delivery Time:to be negotiable
  • Payment Method:TT
  • Package Details:Plywood Case
  • Ability to Supply:500 pieces
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Ultrasonic Cleaner Packed Ultrasonic Cleaning Board

This packed ultrasonic board for an ultrasonic cleaner is NSD customized product. The ultrasonic packs are very popular with the customer because of the advantages which will be mentioned as the following. 

Packed ultrasonic cleaner board


The following some features of the ultrasound emitters I want to introduce are for the NSD standard. And we also accept customized, like the brand of the transducers, the material of the vibration board and some requirements. 

1. Made of SUS304. And with chrome plating appearance.

2. The packed ultrasonic emitters consisting of two parts: vibration board and ultrasonic wave generator. And to reach the best cleaning effect, one piece of the ultrasonic generator is adjusted to suitable for only one vibration board.

3. As for different sizes and power, we can make the ultrasonic board suitable to be placed in the tank with various specifications.  And we can according to the customer's requirement to design a suitable size and power. 

4. The working position can be divided into the bottom and side so as to reach different cleaning effects.

5. It can work continuously within twenty-four hours and it is suitable for batch production.

6. Easy for maintenance, it takes out from the tank very convenient. Customers can maintenance by themselves.


Model NSD-1006P NSD-1012P NSD-1018P NSD-1024P NSD-1030P NSD-1036P NSD-1042P
Ultrasonic Frequency (kHz) 28 or 40 28 or 40 28 or 40 28 or 40 28 or 40 28 or 40 28 or 40
Ultrasonic Power(W) 200 600 900 1200 1500 1800 2100

Size of Vibration Board


300*190*100 360*275*100 420*320*100 510*390*100 520*450*100 630*420*100 620*450*100


As for its convenience, so it is a very popular choice for the customers. Here will show two projects which use the ultrasonic packs, and these two is very typical, one sides vibration and another one is bottom vibration.

America Customer Ultrasonic Cleaner

This is a very big tank machine which is used for big and heavy parts cleaning. And this ultrasonic cleaner includes 20 pieces ultrasonic emitters. Ten pieces on the back of the machine and ten pieces on the front of the machine. Each ultrasonic board with one ultrasonic generator. 

packed ultrasonic board

Australian Customer Ultrasonic Cleaner

The following machine is NSD-10168SF which chooses the ultrasonic packs on the bottom. There has four packed ultrasonic board on the bottom of NSD-10168SF, and this machine is customized, NSD standard is not the input ultrasonic transducers board. The customer buys this model is for some auto parts cleaning to remove oil, so the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer is 28kHz. As for the customer's high requirements for ultrasonic cleaner's quality, the machine tank is made of SUS316 and also the ultrasonic pack board is also made of SUS316 which is more durable.

bottom pack ultrasonic

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