Ultrasonic Cleaner for Motor Parts with Simple Functions

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Motor Parts with Simple Functions
Ultrasonic Cleaner for Motor Parts with Simple Functions
Ultrasonic Cleaner for Motor Parts with Simple Functions

Product Details:

  • Brand:NSD
  • Serial Number: NSD-1012A
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Certificate:CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Negotiable
  • Minimum Order: 1 piece
  • Average Delivery Time:to be negotiable
  • Payment Method:TT
  • Package Details:1 Piece/1 CTN; Package Size: 700*600*850
  • Ability to Supply:500 pieces
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Ultrasonic Cleaner for Motor Parts with Simple Functions

What is ultrasonic cleaner? A simple ultrasonic cleaner consists of two parts, an ultrasonic generator and a washer (slot). The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly based on the alternating shock wave and cavitation generated by the ultrasonic frequency vibration in the liquid. The cavitation bubble generates a circulation in the liquid medium itself during the oscillation process, which is called the sound flow, which can make the surface of the moving bubble there are high-velocity gradients and stresses that cause damage and shedding of dirt on the surface of the cleaning parts. This model motor parts ultrasonic cleaner NSD-1012A is this simple function ultrasonic cleaner. And this ultrasonic cleaner price is reasonable as its simple functions. And for over 9 years, NSD specializes in cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of metals products with this machine, this is a very mature model of NSD. 

Ultrasonic Cleaner NSD-1012A  view


This is one of the simple ultrasonic cleaners models for motor parts cleaning. With simple functions and good cleaning effects, and this is also why most customers choose it.

1. Tank material is SUS304, 2.0mm thick. The inside tank is SUS mirror board that has five board welded inside and outside, in this way it protects the tank get rid of leakage.

2. With the SUS steel frame, it is very strong to support the tank. And it can provide good support for cleaning heavy products.

3. With taking away lid,  and the lid is also made of SUS. 

4. The basket is a specially designed structure, it can stand on the top of the tank. So after cleaning, the parts will get out of much water, with this structure, it can drip the liquid into the tank. It keeps the floor clean and saves the liquid.

5. The operation buttons are on the front of the machine. Only three buttons for this machine. The red one is the power light indicator when connecting the power, it will light on.  The green switch is for power on and power off.  The last big and black switch is for temperature, the user can use this switch to set the cleaning temperature.

6. With a heat protection system. When the user sets the temperature and the temperature in the tank is up to the set temperature, the heater will auto stop working. And after a while when the temperature in the tank is lower than the set temperature, the heater will auto start to work.

Cleaning Results

This is a very typical model. It is a simple ultrasonic cleaner. See the cleaning effect as follows.

Part before and after ultrasonic cleaning


Model NSD-1012A
Capacity(L) 26
Inner Tank Size(L*W*Hmm) 380*300*310
Overall Size(L*W*Hmm) 590*480*680
Ultrasonic Power(W) 600
Heat(W) 2000
Frequency(KHz) 28, 40 (Customize)
Functions Ultrasonic/Heat/Timer
Packing Size(L*W*Hmm) 700*600*850
Gross weight(Kgs) 62

Overall Introduction

It is one of our most popular models, and we have batch production for this model.

Batch Production Ultrasonic Cleaner NSD-1012A



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