NSD Mexico Exhibition Expo Nacional Ferretera

NSD Mexico Exhibition Expo Nacional Ferretera

NSD choose the traditional way exhibition to promote the products, so will participate in many related exhibitions. As for ultrasonic cleaning machine can use in many industries and also include hardware cleaning. NSD Mexico exhibition is a hardware exhibition in Mexico. Let us know more about the Mexico exhibition. And NSD Mexico exhibition is a new exhibition for NSD.

NSD Mexico Exhibition Expo Nacional Ferretera

About Expo Nacional Ferretera

Founded in 1989, Mexico International Hardware Show is the largest professional hardware exhibition in Latin America and the third largest hardware exhibition in the world except for Cologne and Las Vegas Hardware Show. Although the exhibition has been held for 22 sessions, the stalls are still in short supply. Due to the limitation of the size of the venue of the Guadalajara Exhibition Center, the exhibition hall has exhausted every inch of space used four years ago, so the scale of the exhibition is not expanded in 2008, and it is still about 35,000 square meters. About 900 exhibitors. Although the world economy gradually entered a recession in 2008, the momentum of the Mexican Hardware Show continued unabated, basically the same as the peak of 2007, which was 68,000 (70,000 in 2007), only 3% less. According to third-party statistics, in the audience of 68,000 people, the national audience in Mexico is still a big head, accounting for about 75%, and the other 25% (17,200 person-times) are foreign audiences. Among foreign audiences, 37% from North America, USA and Canada, more than 6,300; followed by China, the United States and Caribbean, 32%, about 5,500; from South Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, etc., 27%, more than 4,600 person-times; relatively few viewers from Europe, only 4%, about 700 people.

Mexico further strengthens economic openness, and Mexico and the United States and Canada belong to the North American Free Trade Area. Therefore, many exporters who have suffered from the cumbersome trade barriers of the United States for various reasons have long regarded Mexico as a bridgehead for entering the US market. This is also an important reason why the hardware exhibition held in Guadalajara adjacent to the United States is increasingly attracting international exhibitors. Like the most influential Cologne hardware show, the Guadalajara Hardware Show in Mexico has long been in conflict with the shortage of booth space. To participate in the Mexico Hardware Show, you must apply for a booth one year in advance, pay all the booth fees 9 months in advance, and only use the booth position of the previous year. There is basically no possibility of increasing the booth. The fierce competition is evident. Our company and the organizing committee have always maintained a good cooperative relationship, which can guarantee the application for a good location and booth area for the enterprise.

Exhibits range: various manual and power tools, garden and garden tools, pneumatic tools, metal processing equipment, agricultural tools, rigging, all kinds of hardware, furniture hardware, construction hardware, small construction machinery, locks and security products, bathroom and plumbing Equipment, abrasives and abrasives, fasteners, construction and decoration materials, small appliances and kitchen appliances, pumps and valves, lighting, electrical and lighting, solar, wind, bioenergy, geothermal and other renewable energy-related products, sticky Mixtures, adhesive tapes, sealants, waterproof materials, paints and varnishes, solvents and other chemical products, etc.

Exhibition Overview

Even this is the first time to explore the Latin America market, NSD Mexico exhibition is a good start for us. And because of this exhibition, we know the big market there and laid the foundation for the second Mexico exhibition.

NSD Mexico exhibition 1NSD Mexico exhibition 2

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