Fiber Cleaning Machine

Fiber Cleaning Machine

Currently, cleaning machines have used in many industries.  And fiber cleaning machine is one of the usages. Fiber cleaning is a new usage and after long time research, we finally developed this fiber cleaning machine. Fiber ultrasonic cleaning is a must, because of the new requirements for these products.

Fiber Cleaning Machine

What are fiber and the principle?

Optical fiber is a shorthand for optical fiber. It is a fiber made of glass or plastic and can be used as a light-conducting tool.

Principle of fiber transmission: Fiber is a fiber that can transmit light. The diameter of the pipe is about one ten thousandths of a meter. It is only slightly thicker than a human hair. It uses the principle of total reflection to conduct light. Since the speed of light propagation in different materials is different, when light is emitted from one substance to another, refraction and reflection occur at the interface between the two substances. Moreover, the angle of the refracted light varies with the angle of the incident light. When the angle of incident light reaches or exceeds an angle, the refracted light will disappear and the incident light will be reflected back. This is the total reflection of light. Different materials have different angles of refraction for the same wavelength of light (ie different materials have different refractive indices of light), and the same material has different angles of refraction for different wavelengths of light. Optical fiber communication is based on the above principles.

Principle of fiber transmission

The so-called total reflection is when the light moving in a medium with a higher density is incident on the core-fiber at a large angle, if the angle of incidence (the angle between the light and the normal of the boundary surface) is greater than the critical angle The angle of the light will be completely reflected back. Fiber optics use this effect to limit the conduction of light to the core. Because it is too small, it will be encapsulated in a plastic sheath to allow the fiber to bend without breaking, but if you bend the wire slightly, the light signal will be attenuated on the tester, which shows its sensitivity.  Because of the coupling between the fiber and the various components of the laser and the fusion between the fibers, the end surface of the fiber is required to be clean and free of impurities, which would increase the loss. Since the fiber end face quality directly affects the pumping optical coupling efficiency, laser output power and quality of the whole laser of the fiber laser, cleaning the fiber end face is a key step in the process of processing the fiber.

light total reflection

Pictured: The laser bounces inside an acrylic stick, showing the total reflection of light.

Desktop type optical fiber joint IPA cleaning equipment principle, the fiber cleaning machine consists of cleaning chamber, circulation system, circulating buffer tank, ultrasonic system, stirring device, human-machine interface touch screen control, fire, and explosion-proof system. The equipment uses the IPA solution. During the cleaning operation, the workpiece is poured into the cleaning tank, and the fine particles on the surface of the workpiece are peeled off by the cavitation of high-frequency ultrasonic waves. The stirring device grinds the workpiece and raises the peeled particles. Cleaning is accomplished by filtration through a circulation system.

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