Semiconductor Cleaning Machine

Semiconductor Cleaning Machine

As for industry developments, the semiconductor industry becomes more and more popular. Along with the strict requirements for the use of semiconductor, so there gives a chance to the semiconductor cleaning machine.  Then NSD cleaning machine keeps pace with this development, so we developed the circuit cleaning machine, contactor cleaning machine and some other kinds of semiconductor cleaning machine. 

Semiconductor Cleaning Machine

What is semiconductor?

A semiconductor is a material that electrical conductivity is between a conductor and an insulator at a normal temperature. Semiconductors have a wide range of applications in radios, televisions, and temperature measurements. For example, a diode is a device fabricated using semiconductors. A semiconductor is a material that is electrically controllable and can range from insulator to conductor. From the perspective of technology or economic development, the importance of semiconductors is enormous. Most of today's electronic products, such as computers, mobile phones or digital recorders, have a very close relationship with semiconductors. Common semiconductor materials are silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, etc., and silicon is one of the most influential in commercial applications.

The form of matter exists in a variety of forms, such as solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, and the like. We usually refer to poorly conductive materials such as coal, artificial crystals, amber, ceramics, etc. as insulators. Metals with better conductivity such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, aluminum, etc. are called conductors. The material between the conductor and the insulator can be simply referred to as a semiconductor. Compared with conductors and insulators, the discovery of semiconductor materials was the latest. Until the 1930s, when the purification technology of materials was improved, the existence of semiconductors was truly recognized by the academic community.

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Semiconductor Cleaning Machine Introduction

Ultrasonic cleaning is mainly used in the electronics industry for semiconductors, crystals, resistors, capacitors, PCB boards, IC chips, connectors, connectors, adapters, silicon wafers, transistors, diodes, electronic circuit boards, computer motherboards, piezoelectric ceramic substrates. Cleaning of electronic components such as films, picture tubes, and electric vacuum devices during the manufacturing process. Electronic products use organic solvents, water-based solvents, municipal water, pure water, as cleaning materials, depending on the device materials. Of course, the electronic components are different materials, the cleaning medium is different, the cleaning medium is different, and the process and process are different. Generally, the plastic materials are mostly made of municipal water, water-based and pure water, and the process flow should be different from the customers. Requirements, more with an electronic infrared drying line. It can be equipped with a unique cleaning process such as throwing and rotating to make the surface of the workpiece cleaner. Metal materials use organic solvents as cleaning media, and solvent filtration and recovery devices to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Advantages of Semiconductor Cleaning Machine

■ Multi-arm conveying method for high cleaning efficiency.
■ The whole process is operated by PLC and industrial touch screen interface.
■ Oil-water separation and filtration system
■ Throwing device
■ Fully enclosed housing and exhaust system to ensure a good working environment

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